Containment Technologies Group, Inc. Launches New Product Line for USP Compliance at ASHP Meeting

Monday December 12, 12:44 pm ET

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Containment Technologies Group, Inc. introduced a new product line last week at the mid-year ASHP meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada to assist pharmacies in maintaining compliance with USP Chapter <797>.

USP Chapter <797> has received great attention from hospital administrative, clinical and pharmacy staffs since being adopted by some U.S. state boards of pharmacy, and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO). USP Chapter <797> is enforceable by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Recognizing that compliance in this area is a complicated issue, Containment Technologies Group (CTG) has developed options to assist healthcare professionals with all areas of compliance to the new regulations.

USP Chapter <797> has created an entirely new level of expectations for those in the pharmacy profession. The Extended Warranty Program, Extended Service Program, and Training offered by CTG will present pharmacies with a comprehensive solution for managing all processes, including data, records, scheduling, maintenance, training, testing, documentation, and environmental equipment certification. These programs assure compliance to regulations. The pharmacy can rely on CTG to ensure the demands of USP Chapter <797> are met. From maintenance to training and personnel evaluation, all of these programs are geared toward lessening the burden of USP Chapter <797> compliance.

"I had the opportunity to provide direct input into the development of this new service ... this new service provides an excellent solution for my own personal USP <797> needs as an active hospital pharmacist," said Michele Moore, President and CEO of Containment Technologies Group, Inc.

"USP <797> is a complex living document that will require continued changes to all aspects of pharmacy management. CTG's new Extended Service Program supports this need with not only quality services but also an expert staff committed to monitoring and interpreting regulatory changes so your facility remains compliant," said Hank Rahe, Chief Technical Advisor of Containment Technologies Group, Inc.

CTG is offering a $1,000 early enrollment discount during the month of December. Greg Herron, Extended Services Manager at CTG, can be contacted at 317-713-8216 for enrollment information.

About Containment Technologies Group, Inc.

Containment Technologies Group, Inc. was founded in 1994 for the purpose of creating equipment to provide an environment in which pharmacy personnel can safely compound sterile preparations for intravenous administration. Since then Mobile Isolation Chambers marketed by CTG have quickly become the barrier/isolator industry leader. The MIC meets or exceeds all pharmacy standards.

M. Michele Moore, RPh, MBA, is President and CEO of Containment Technologies Group, Inc. Ms. Moore is a pharmacist at W.S. Major Hospital and an adjunct faculty member at Indiana Wesleyan University. Ms. Moore has more than 25 years of hands-on experience as both a Staff Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager. Ms. Moore has been with Containment Technologies Group, Inc. since 1994 and is a key reason for CTG's current success.

Henry (Hank) Rahe, B.S.I.M, M.S.E., is Technical Advisor for Containment Technologies Group, Inc. Mr. Rahe has over thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as four years in academia, and ten years plus in contamination control in pharmacy applications. Mr. Rahe is a recognized expert in the area of containment of potent compounds and advanced aseptic processing. He has extensive experience in the application of barrier/isolation technology.