MIC Decontamination Systems

Scenario: Patient A checks into your facility. The respective medcart, transfer cart, or proximity cart rolls into Patient A’s room loaded with all required supplies and your facility begins to provide top-tier care to said Patient A. All sounds great, right? What happens when after a few hours, or a few days, or even a few weeks later when Patient A checks out of their respective room and Patient B is ready to check in?

What if there was a solution that could decontaminate that unused inventory making it as good as new (in fact better than new) guaranteeing the sterility assurance level of said inventory? A system that literally pays for itself many times over by protecting your patients, your providers, and your bottom line by eliminating contaminants and waste!

That system exists! It is very simple, extremely easy to use, extraordinarily cost effective providing almost immediate economic payback and best of all - provides an unheard of level of validated sterility assurance.

CTG Decontamination System Level I: (good)

MIC Decontamination Hand Held Docking System

MIC Hand Held
Docking System


CTG Decontamination System Level II: (best)

MIC Decontamination Transfer Cart

MIC Decontamination
Transfer Cart


CTG Decontamination System Level III: (Unbelievable!!!)


Is this truly economical? Absolutely, positively, yes! Perform a simple payback analysis and see for yourself. Not only are you saving money but you are, most importantly, improving the safety of your patients and providers in a dramatic fashion.