MIC-EDU – An Automatic Decontaminating Pharmaceutical Isolator

Containment Technologies Group, Inc. has introduced the MIC-EDU, an automatic decontaminating pharmaceutical isolator, for pharmacy compounding which has been shown to kill viruses, spores, fungi, mycobacterium and bacteria that may contaminate surfaces and cause diseases. The MIC-EDU meets all criteria specified in the proposed revision to USP General Chapter 797 for compounding sterile preparations.

Viruses can survive on packaging and be transmitted to personnel in the internal supply chain. Experts have estimated that Coronoviruses can live on surfaces up to nine days at room temperature. The survival time could allow viruses including Coronoviruses to pass through the supply chain into health care facilities. Pharmacy is a major area of concern because of frequent supply deliveries and multiple individuals handling the supplies/drug packages which may have been manufactured outside the United States.

Authors of a recent article in The Journal of Hospital Infection concluded that hydrogen peroxide can significantly reduce infectivity of known Coronoviruses within one minute of exposure time. The MIC-EDU vapor phase hydrogen peroxide technology reduces patient risk by decontamination of the areas where sterile doses are prepared. In addition, the containment unit provides protection for pharmacy compounding personnel.