MIC Family of Products

Meets and/or exceeds all specifications required by USP<795>, USP<797>, and USP<800> guidelines. The modular design allows for adaptation to any regulatory change and are designed to grow with your facility, so your investment never becomes obsolete. The majority of our products are completely ready and 100% compatible with the next generation of Advanced Aseptic Compounding™ – Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) decontamination systems.

We have solutions for USP<795>, current USP<797>, all categories of proposed USP<797>, and for all categories of USP<800>. Please explore the different pages of this site which describe the different solutions for each chapter.

Every MIC product is installed by a factory trained professional. Every installation includes hands-on and in-depth training for your facility. Each installation comes with a comprehensive documentation package as well as a complete Policies and Procedures Manual. It also includes Certification Protocols, all test and validation reports from the factory, a comprehensive documentation package that validates all statements made in regard to USP compliance including a letter of guarantee from the company.


  • ISO Class 5 environment
  • Advanced Aseptic Compounding™
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Meets regulatory requirements
  • Automatic decontamination (with MIC-EDU System)
  • Validated sterility assurance levels (with MIC-EDU System)


  • Portable through standard doorways
  • One person can easily roll the unit to new location
  • Adjustable working heights (hydraulic lift system)
  • Easily adaptable to VHP system


  • Operating expenses significantly cheaper versus a clean room
  • Consumables are very economical
  • Very little space required for operation
  • HEPA filter changes are an extreme rarity
  • Ongoing certification expenses are economical
  • Maintenance issues are a rarity


  • Safe glove exchange
  • Smooth, rounded, cleanable surfaces
  • Quieter than most hoods
  • Separate environments available with the Dual unit
  • Closed sharps and trash transfers
  • Personnel and product protection via gas tight construction

MIC Family of Products – Protects the Provider, the Patient, and the Environment

  • MIC-Single

    MIC Single

  • MIC Dual

    MIC Dual



  • MIC 795

    MIC 795

  • MIC 797P

    MIC 797P

  • MIC 800N

    MIC 800N