Service, Certification and Warranty Programs

Extended Warranty Program Many of our MICs have been in active service for several years. In fact, we have some that have been up and running around the clock for over a decade without a single issue! In the rare instance where you may need assistance we have the absolute best customer service team in the industry. All of our service, certification, and training professionals have been factory trained and on an annual basis must pass rigorous course work through our CTG Academy. In short, if your MIC needs service, a routine tune-up, or even its semi-annual certification then our service team is ready to help on very short notice.

We also offer several very cost effective annual warranty and service plans. These plans help to keep your budget consistent and provide for tremendous ease of mind.

Extended Warranty Program

You may extend your basic one-year warranty indefinitely on an annual basis. This extended program ensures professional maintenance for the isolator’s lifetime. Your MIC will be repaired or replaced at no additional charge.

Extended Services Program

With this program, we provide ongoing support for key aspects of USP<797>, such as environmental, certification (viable testing also available), training, maintenance and quality assurance processes. CTG automatically manages, schedules and records these processes on an annual basis. MIC operational and aseptic compounding training is included in this program.

In response to the USP<797> requirements for evaluation of personnel involved in aseptic compounding, CTG will provide 12 low/medium risk level media fill test kits. Additional test kits can be purchased.

We can also include your other non-isolator equipment such as BSCs, LAFWs, and Clean Rooms within this program.

Let us take care of your USP<797> maintenance needs for you!

Environmental Compliance

CTG provides a comprehensive, documented test plan for MIC certification, automatically implemented semi-annually. All records and data will be tracked for compliance with USP<797>. We also offer certification of your other (non-MIC) equipment. This service is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and includes viable and non-viable testing. Viable testing support is available on-site and as an equipment rental program.